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Originally Posted by Initiator001

Another 'lost' product question for you.

The product is the Laser Launch Controller.

I was sent one to review/test around ten years ago. I took it up to one of the Los Angeles NAR Section launches and tried/demo'd it.

The voice countdown feature was it's what made it 'special'.

It worked fine but didn't seem to generate much interest. The most asked question was, "Who provided the voice?"

Can you explain/describe the history of the item?

Thank you.

Bob Sanford

Bob - I didn't know we had sent any of those out for review. I guess I better go check my desk in the morning to see how many of my personal items have been sent out without my knowledge. That controller was too expensive to produce compared with the standard E-Beam. The supplier just couldn't get the cost down and the sound didn't really add any safety or value so it was scrapped. The cost would have driven up the reatil for the starter outfits which is not a good idea. I don't know who recorded the voice - sorry, The whole project was handled by the marketing department who didn't consult with anyone in R&D at all. I saw it on the shop bench one day and asked what the heck it was. That was my total involement.
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