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Originally Posted by Initiator001

Thank you for responding to my question about the Cylon Raider and the Cygnus Probe.

I know that at least one of those Cygnus Probe kits escaped the warehouse.

About 20 years ago, I was speaking to an HPR flyer over the phone while I was working at AeroTech. I don't know how the conversation turned to this subject but we started talking about Estes kits. I mentioned how it would be nice to have one of the Cygnus Probe kits in my collection. He told me he had one. I was skeptical and told him so. He told me that he had visited Penrose and the Estes facility at one point and had managed to get one of these kits.

I still didn't believe him and our conversation moved on to other topics.

It would appear I owe him an apology.

I wonder if I have a current phone number for him...


This is interesting that at least one of the kits got out. It should not have happened. We had a contract with Disney that they were all to be destroyed.
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