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Originally Posted by mn-rocketry
I can think of a few Estes products in the 1995-2000 time frame that were announced or appeared in catalogs or fliers, but then never became available. I know that not every announced product makes it to market (for a variety of reasons), but it was sometimes hard to get retail customers to understand that!

#2117, F-117 Stealth Nighthawk (1996 catalog update pages, 1997 catalog)
#2145, Star Booster (1997 catalog)
#2152, Zenix SSRV (1998 catalog)
#2225, Laser Launch Controller (1998 flier)
#2164, Titan IIE (2000 flier)
#2030, Screaming Eagle rocket car (2000 flier)

I also seem to recall a NCR starter set, possibly called "Orbit"?


Alan - There have been several products we announced over the years that we had every intention of releasing. There are different reasons for each that caused them to be cancelled. I have tried to fill in the reasons here for some such as the Cygnus and Cylon, but sometimes the explinations are simply not enough for some of the modelers. I don't know what else I can do but try to tell just why some of the models didn't make it.

The Star Booster for example was a scale model of the project that Buzz Aldrin had become spokesman for. I met Buzz when he came to the plant to talk about the project. The full size Star Booster project fell apart in only a few monhs as we were tooling up the model. Licensing kept us from taking any further so it was dropped.

So again, there can be a ny number of reasons why a project ends before reching market.
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