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Originally Posted by MDorffler
Bob - I give up. If you feel someone taking things from another person's desk without permission is acceptable, then so be it. Call me too moralistic, I personally cannot buy into this way of thinking. MY personal items removed without my permission occured BEFORE the R&D staff was moved from the old house. And the film you say you have marked April 1968 was MY original 'Cineroc' footage which never belonged to nor did I ever transfer ownership to Estes. So your dumptser argument doesn't hold with these items.


A guy named, Eric Tamiroff is who you seek. I am looking for him also.

Thieving is wrong. Did you ever inform Estes Security or maybe the Penrose Police of the theft?

Mike Hellmound (Sp?) had quite a few 1960's photos and kits. I don't think he had anything Cineroc related.

On a similar note: Lee Piester used to keep a washer/dryer sized box of every kit that Centuri ever made in the 1960's and early 1970's in the Centuri main building. One night, someone broke in and stole it and ONLY it. I guess one of us has built a time machine and gone back eh?

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