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Originally Posted by Jerry Irvine
Estes gave up rights to the objects not to the "rights to reproduce the objects".

Thieving is downright common in rocketry circles. I have had 5+ break-ins myself.


It hurts, doesn't it Jerry? People key your new car, intentianlly drive up over the curb into your freshly seeded yard to maliciously destroy it, break into your home and take things from you that have personal meaning. I guess I don't understand why some of us think it's justifiable to take things from others for some obscure excuse. I admit I'm old fashion in the way I think we should treat each other.

We had a rash of vehicle breakins here in Canon City a few weeks ago. People were losing CDs, cash, and whatever else they had in their unlocked cars. The local police put an article in our 'newspaper' blaming we citizens as the primary cause of the thefts because we were leaving our cars unlocked. I would have thought that the thefts should have been blamed on the punks who were actually involved in the thefts. But there I go again, not undertsanding the reality of today's morality.

I have had personal things removed from my work area that were mine, items that didn't belong to the company. And yes, we have had numerous items lifted company wide, not just from my own area as I have explained in other posts. It is not correct for anyone to feel I seem to be trying to draw attention to myself. I am simply trying to point out that numerous items have been taken from Estes that should never have been taken, and the company has has been wronged.

Anyone of you taking a tour today through the plant would naturally be straining to see some of the older rockets on shelves, or in offices, or see the printing presses, or the photo lab, or any of a number of other areas of interest. But the reality is that the tour would be a great disapointment. Beyond the dozen or so models in the foyer display case, the remnants of 40 years of great designs are not to be found anywhere. The models are gone, most of which have been stolen, the printshop is gone, and the photo lab is now used as storage. My point to all of you when I mention this or that my own items have been removed, is to try to share my great sadness that so much of the physical history of Estes no longer exists.

If you the forum members would rather anylize each of my sentances to find something in my words to help promote your own views that I am wrong, then go for it. Afterall, this is a forum meant for open back and forth discussion. But I truly say to all of you I admire all of you for your intregrity, your intellegence, and your collective bond to this hobby we call model rocketry. Sometimes I think some of you would rather try to show me up in one way or another and challenge me that you know as much about Estes history as I do, and again I say if that is what you want to do, then it is perfectly okay with me.

But the issue over the last few post has to do with my personal expression that my personal items as well as the companies have been stolen over time, and I cannot accept any excuse by some forum members as the thefts were somehow justifiable. I'm sorry guys, I do respect your views but on this point I cannot agree.

Let's move on - next question please.
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