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Since a lot of (most of) these old rockets and literature and devices were stolen or disappeared for whatever reason, it seems a good idea to ceate a room for these pieces of memorabelia. I think I read somewhere (probably in this forum) a suggestion that Estes create a museum of sorts. I don't remember the answer that was given then, so perhaps you might shed some light on this idea.
Those of us with original items could donate them to the cause for a proper representation of the history of Estes and Centuri. The 'relic room' could be padlocked, etc., except for tours and the like.
At our College of Pharmacy, the Dean wanted a representation of what an old pharmacy would look like on campus. Subsequently, a room was earmarked, glass panels installed, and we built one, using donations from pharmacists and historians from all over the country. It turned out magnificently, and is a stop on tours of the USC Col. of Pharmacy. One can almost 'smell' what an old apothecary shop was like back in the day when nearly all drugs and potions were compounded by the pharmacist.
Any interest?
I know folks from this forum alone could fill up a space with treasured memorabelia from the early years. I imagine volunteers would be plentiful.
I know I would love to help!
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