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Originally Posted by MDorffler
It hurts, doesn't it Jerry?

I have had personal things removed from my work area that were mine, items that didn't belong to the company. I am simply trying to point out that numerous items have been taken from Estes that should never have been taken, and the company has has been wronged.

I agree things being removed from desks and from even dumpsters on private property is wrong. There was a legal ruling that dumpster diving on public property and common areas on multi-tennant private property is legal. Of course selling a house with all its contents is an extreme example, but also legal. That is as far as it goes. Heck, Estes had to get incinerators to prevent some of the more sensitive stuff from getting out as well as destroying hazmat.

I agree the main problem is the loss of historical records and artifacts. Sadly that issue is behind us and done. I really find it interesting a poster here can admit to having an original clear mold Cineroc and the original film and do so without remorse, but I also digress.

I greatly appreciate your willingness to share history. It is enlightening. It gives color to my one visit to Estes where you rushed up, declared with a bit of over-enthusiasm that Kodak was discontinuing 110 film and rushing back. Mary than suggested that perhaps I should be careful with that information. I was publishing a little magazine at the time called California Rocketry magazine. It felt a whole lot like a set-up or prank to me, so I was careful with the information. 110 film was readily available for over a decade thereafter and I flew lots of Astrocam flights.


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