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Default Centuri Launch pads and Firing panel...

Hi all,

I have an L1A 100 and 2 L1A 77's and an EP-612 Firing Panel that still works; key, bulb and all. It has the black crinkle paint finish and about 25 feet of wire.

One of the '77's and the '100 are as old as dirt; the other '77 is new in the box.

The used pads need cleaning/restoring. They are all made of some sort of Luan (but
not quite) 3-ply plywood. The larger pad has one honking big blast deflector!

What would be the best way to finish them after cleaning? I'm thinking a neutral stain.

l have to say that Centuri had it sorted out in comparison to the other brands' - 'controller'
wise. It's a tank!

p.s. yeah, gonna use 'em...
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