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Interesting thought. I have seen (and have examples of) the Alpha III cone in the original red, the orange everyone is familiar with, black (Alpha IV) and clear (1207 Phantom). I know it was also white and/or chromed for the Quasar. It is, I believe, unique among Estes plastic nose cones in having that boss for the tiny screw eye on one side of the base.

But having it rather than the pointier blow-molded cone in regular Alpha kits....I hadn't thought of that. The illustrations that accompany the Alpha listing in those catalogs show either the red/black version of the familiar Alpha livery (1989 and 1990) or the red/blue version that is probably the best known (1991 and 1992). The nose cone in the illustrations is same pointed shape that we have seen for many years.

So.... while that's an interesting idea, I think those catalog listings imply a colored other-than-white blow-molded nose cone similar to the ones in current kits or the earlier, closer-to-BNC-50K shape of the first blow-molded cone which first appeared sometime after 1982 (though I haven't yet been able to pin down exactly when).
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