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Originally Posted by burkefj
the flite test waterproof foam board is 117 grams for a 20" by 30" sheet or 28 grams per sq foot.
depron 6mm is 171 grams for a 27.5" by 39" sheet, 23 grams per sq foot.



Thanks for doing this! So, in other words, a full sheet of FTFB weighs like 4.2z, which is lighter than I'd figured. That might get me to bite....

One other thing. How glueable is it? I mean, with wood glues and such? Have you tried to use it that way? If you could glue together two decent sized scraps and see how well/badly it adheres, that'd be great!

Thanks again!

Oh, one more curious thing....I just weighed a plain Adams sheet, one I'd gotten a few months ago. *That* only came in at 3.3z??? So, it appears that Adams *IS* making this stuff lighter and lighter......but not as strong or warp resistant?

When I first discovered Adams stuff back in '04, those first sheets weighed right around 5z, before slowly working their way down to 4.5z.
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