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Originally Posted by 1320
The C6-7 did the trick Ltv...thanks. As luck would have it, the rubberband holding the nose/camera in place was burnt in two when the chute popped! I did see it fall but was unable to locate it (knee deep weed field). It gets worse.....the body landed in the road and was promptly ran over by a car!

Much to my surprise, my three year old found much humour in this! We've had better flights but this one was the best if you ask him! Thank goodness we had fireworks to back up the rocket "show".

If, and when, you buy a new AstroCam, definitely give a thought to upgrading your recovery system with Kevlar and sewing elastic. I think the #1 problem that I've heard of from AstroCam owners over the years has been shock cord burn-through. Mine somehow managed to survive its many flights, but I doubt that I'd push my luck with the stock shock cord if I were to fly it today.
If your three year old is anything like my son was, he'll be remembering this for the rest of his life.
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