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I live in Fort Collins (190 miles one way to Pueblo) but thoroughly enjoy flying with John Boren and the other great people of SCORE, so the drive isn't that bad. Our site in Northern Colorado has been shut down most of this year due to fire bans. The Denver group has a beautiful site in Bear Creek Lake State Park, but it's small, and flights are limited to 1500 grams weight and 125 grams propellant.

My wife joins me (she never has gone to launches, other than when we launched with our kids many years ago). I got to know John at NSL and he told me I'd enjoy flying with them. He was right.

I'm looking forward to going to NARAM in Pueblo next year. I hope a lot of the people here on YORF can attend. I've met a few over the years and at NSL.

By the way, the site is easy to find. Google Maps knows the location as "Hudson Ranch Rocket Launch Site".
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