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Default WI-ROC / WrE / 2018 / Fillets

Adding FILLETS to the FIN and BODY TUBE joint strengthens and adds a finished quality to any rocket. First, of course, SANDING the fins and body tube is necessary to prepare the surfaces and promote adhesion. I like to use EPOXY with MICRO-BALLOON FILLER for fillets. The MICRO-BALLOONS raise the viscosity of the epoxy and give it a spreadable quality. The combination of the FIBERGLASS applied to the fin and the EPOXY FILLETS should allow these fins to survive all but the hardest impact upon landing. A thin bead of epoxy is placed where the fin and air frame meet . It is then spread and smoothed with an appropriately curved tool. This can be the back of a disposable plastic spoon. In this case, a Popsicle stick was used because of the WI-ROC's relatively small fins. Ideally, the FILLETS should be symmetrical in shape and size and practically unnoticeable.
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