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Lightbulb Choices

Originally Posted by rkt2k1
Any suggestions or techniques to reduce deployment velocity (DV) numbers?

... Bill

Bill you do have a few choices and Jon is on the money too.

-Make it heavier or make it lighter with fin thickness, BNC size, CR thickness,
-More drag of less drag with fin side etc..
Usually making the design just a little longer helps the CG-CP ratio and then adjust things.
-Change engine size, 13mm-18mm-24mm etc..

Without seeing the design its hard to tell. If it is build you still can adjust the Dv's usaually by adding more drag like mid or tip fins.

I have notice a large difference with Rocksim if the launch conditions are adjusted. Rod angle to wind and increasing the wind play a role with the DV's much more than I ever thought .

Hope this helps, JP.

James Pierson
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