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That happened twice to me, first time was after about 10 flights. 2nd to last flight was on a maniac with a D12-7 that went great. Repeated it again but the wind hung it on a phone line and it was gone the next day.

On a different AC, on a pretty fall day, I had about 10 great flights, and finished up my motors and packed up my reinforced launch pad. My friend (who was flying his camroc with hand punched film) said "I have another C". We loaded it on his porta-pad, the rod seemed loose but not enough to cause concern. Sure enough, it took off at 45 degrees and stripped the chute on ejection and plopped right in the top of a tree. I knocked on the door of the house and gave them my email address. 6 Months later I got an email asking me to come over, they had the camera! They did not know where the booster went, I assumed it fell at a different time and was picked up near the street. I threw the camera in a drawer assuming the pictures were ruined, but my friend suggested letting it dry out for a few days then get the roll developed. I got surprisingly good pics after that long outside in the snow and rain. There were a few streaks but it was worth getting it developed.
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