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Originally Posted by jdbectec
I,ve done a little checking with bing and google. One source says it achieved 3000 ft but a PDF I found said 1000 ft and on may 2 1970 it was put on permanent display at Huntsville Alabama. I wonder if it's still there? I couldn't find any images. The Tntech post said they monitored heart rate and respiration both of which increased. Who would have guessed?

It seems like 1000 ft would be too high for a single D13 pushing a mouse and telemetry package of late 60's to early 70's vintage. Cookeville's elevation is only about 1150', so there's no significant advantage up there on the plateau over my 450' elevation.

I've been to the Huntsville rocket center a couple dozen times beginning in the late 70's and never saw a model rocket (other than non-flight scale displays) anywhere other than the Estes kits sold in the lobby.
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