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The only way I've found to make papering look really nice without a lot of work is to use butcher paper, shiny side out. The primer doesn't soak in but doesn't adhere as well, so a very light scuffing is needed. Too much and the primer soaks in, not enough and even moderate stresses can cause primer to delaminate taking the finish coats with it. If primer soaks in, it often ends up bubbling the paper. Sometimes before it's finished, sometimes after the model is complete and in public view.

You still need the magic touch when gluing the paper on. Too wet and it wrinkles the paper. Too dry and it eventually bubbles or pulls away. Five or ten minutes in the sun on the pad and the balsa can outgas enough to create bubbles.

I've also soaked the entire paper fin with thin CA a couple of times. I ended up having to do a considerable amount of filling and sanding to get a nice flat slick finish, to the point that the only advantage was fin strength, not ease of finishing.
I love sanding.
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