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Default Avenger Guinevere, and she's pi**ed!

Or so that is what the intro says on the first page of the Excelsior Avenger Guinevere kit.

She of the Intergalactic Patrol, based at Luke Field, Arizona, is looking for revenge.
"The Galactic Pirates are on the run after injuring Lance Ableman in their last space duel upsetting Lance's girlfriend and fellow pilot Lila Goodbody.
"Lila takes off from Inter-Galactic Patrol's headquarters at Luke Field, Arizona in the new and improved three gunned Avenver Guinevere!

"They can run but they can't hide!"

The kit was a blast to build.
I flew it last Spring, and she flew straight and true.
I made my guns out of brass tubing.
One of my favorites, and she joins the Excalibur; I have not built the Dragon Ship, yet.

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