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Wink A Modest Proposal...

Originally Posted by James Pierson
"Think BIG Jay"
Jim, that *really* hurts my head.

Originally Posted by James Pierson
Although a new thread about Rocksim is great however I personally would like to see a new Forum Title under the Workbench section. Something like "Rocksim Asylum" or something of that nature. Besides we could have many threads under such an area. We definely need to get all the DATA files in a neat thread along with the component parts, tips and tricks, etc...
Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Having a thread under the "Workbench" category... RockSim technical discussions do tend to get buried in other threads, don't they? Maybe we do need a way to bring them out into the sunshine. What do you think about having a whole category (like Workbench and Swap Shop) dedicated to RockSim, or "Software", with RockSim as a sub-category?

I humbly recommend that we blend your suggestions thusly:

Workbench / Software / RockSim Asylum (with multiple threads)

"Gather ye inmates, while ye may..."

LTV Scott , is this doable? And do we need any further discussion on the matter?

Submitted for your consideration,
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