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Originally Posted by the mole
Thanks, luke strawwalker. I had wondered if anyone had done an eyeball or general scale of these works of art. I remember all the crap about Dr. Zooch scale over at the other forum. Those guys, anyway thanks for the input always like reading your post. Your good about giving good information. I think I have followed all build threads you have done on Wes ant-scale rockets and booked marked them for future references. Any new build threads planed in the future? All I really have planned for the winter is building some ant-scales. My gold is to eventually build all of Dr. Zooch scale kits.

Thanks again for the info.

I haven't been building much lately... in fact I don't think I've built anything at all this year. Haven't heard anything from Wes in a long while, either... dropped him a note about this time last year as I recall... just a "Hi, howya doin', hope all is well... season's greetings" kinda thing. never heard anything back, sooo... Anyway, I see he released a new kit... that's good.

Yeah, I have every Dr. Zooch kit, either as a beta build or ones I mass ordered from Wes on a couple of occasions. I need to do a Saturn IB... I should do a build thread on it when I do. I've got all the Saturns he's put out. His Mercury Atlas is a beautiful kit... did one for the anniversary of John Glenn's flight into orbit. I really have enjoyed all his kits so far. My daughter did most of the build and the build thread for the Zooch Gumball Lofting Vehicle-- that's a really fun little kit and pretty innovative in some of the design features. The Zooch two-stage Vanguard Eagle has probably one of the most innovative and neat designs I've seen in rocketry, with its first stage vented through the outboard rocket engine nozzles...

Anyway, glad to be of help and glad you enjoyed the build threads... if you have any questions or I can be of any help, don't hesitate to ask...

Later! OL J R
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