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More tid-bits:

Circa 1970-71, the small hobby shop in Glen Cove, LI carried MPC parts. They came in bags with headers. I recall buying plastic fin units for the 25mm tube. They must have had tubes and cones as well.

The shop had some MPC kits in bags, which seems unusual now. I remember looking at the peculiar "fried egg' foam saucers of the Martin Patrol through the plastic bag. Is it possible that this was a later type of packaging, made for hobby shop distribution?

The same shop had a copy of the Model Rocket Manual by Stine. It had a black cover with a red or white line drawing of a rocket. The book (which I still have, minus the cover and some front and back pages) was a sort of cut-down version of the Handbook of Model Rocketry, with some of the same illustrations. It was very MPC-centric, with mentions of MPC kits and pictures of them as well!

The same shop carried MPC's "ready to fly" models. They came in glossy display boxes with cellophane "windows," more like a toy than rocketry packaging at the time.

I bought one in the late 80s from Commonwealth Displays; it was heavy and kind of clunky. I recall one had used the clipped delta T-25 fin unit. They had a T-20 interior tube that was advertised as a replaceable liner; a sliding red plastic plug was use in lieu of wadding. I never flew or took the kit out of the box; before moving to California I sold it for a good mark-up.
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