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Default F9 GovSat 1 launch (link)

Hello All,

Tomorrow (Wednesday), SpaceX will try again (today's attempt was scrubbed due to a sensor in the Falcon 9's second stage) to launch the GovSat 1 satellite aboard a Falcon 9, whose early-model, used first stage will be making its second and last flight (see: ). Even so, the first stage has landing legs and grid fins, so SpaceX may conduct a re-entry/descent/landing experiment, as they have recently done at least once before with such a used, expendable first stage. The launch window will be from 4:25 PM EST (2125 GMT) to 6:46 PM EST (2346 GMT), and live coverage of the launch will be here (see: ), and--concerning "the big 'un":

SpaceX is aiming for February 6th as the launch date for the first Falcon Heavy vehicle (see: ).
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