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Originally Posted by tbzep
I don't think it was as recent as 2009. If it was a going out of business sale, it was probably just for that particular mall store. Most likely the store was discontinuing rocketry products, or the newer non-cobra packaging motors were out and they were getting rid of old style stock. I just don't remember. I should, because I've only bought large bunches of clearance motors a few times. Pink packaged motors once, Cobra packaged motors once, and at Walmart a few times with their special retail packaging (wadding included, two motor packs, etc.).
I may never have seen the pink packaged motors (I had some of the old "three motors with wadding" packs, from Michael's Crafts and Wal-Mart). I vaguely recall Estes motors with artistic, multi-color ink, "multi-copy character" printing (of the motor designations printed on their casings) in the 1990s and 2000s; I don't know if those were of the Cobra style.
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