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Originally Posted by scigs30
I have noticed my local hobby store no longer sells Aerogloss products, they tell me it has been discontinued. I also noticed on Tower Hobbies website that it is also discontinued. I cannot find it on Midwest products website but I did see it in their catalog. I have an email into Midwest and will let you know what I find out. This has been the best product I have ever used and it will be a bummer if it is no longer being made. I tried Sig Balsa sealer before and it was a pain to sand. I wonder if Brodak balsa sealer is any better. I will keep you updated.

I also noticed that back during the Christmas Holidays when I went on a building "spree" and needed sanding sealer and thinner. None of the nearby Hobby Lobby's carried anything of that sort, but I then tried a Hobby Town a little further away and they did have what I needed. Are these products a dying breed?!
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