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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Just order your Sanding Sealer and colored Dope from Brodak.
It IS better than the Sig stuff...has the right VOC mix right in the jar/can.
I'm lucky enough that I have 2 independent hobby shops within 15 miles and a 3rd within 40 miles that stocks the Brodak line, one of which stocks the ENTIRE line of Brodak colors.
One of the hobby shops still has a GOOD selection of Sig colored dopes in addition to quarts of Nitrate dope also.
Don't bail on the BEST finishing system that still exists for model rockets just because it is hard to get now. In years past, I would have rated 2-part Hobby Poxy Epoxy paint and K&B Super Poxy as the best, but those have not been readily available for decades.

Thanks for the heads up on Brodak ghrocketman, I've bookmarked that website so I'll know where to go in the future should our local hobby shops be out of sanding sealer and dope thinner.
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