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First thing I noticed were that there seems to be no distinction between the Citation Boxed kits and the non-Citation bagged kits.

I know many folks like to call the bagged 0652 Patriot - "Citation" to differentiate form the (military) Patriot version, but in truth all of the Citation models differ from the later bagged version.
and - Not to mention the boxed Citation kits average well over $150-$200 more than their non-Citation bagged version.

For example:
Model Citation Boxed Non-Citation Bagged
Bomarc Glider Recovery Parachute recovery
Quasar Chrome finish/Clipped fins White finish/unclipped fins
SS Vega Pods w/NC & Chrome wrap Truncated Pods/Red Wrap
Patriot 2 Pc. NC/Longer Stars&Stripes Decal Blow Molded NC/Truncated S&S Decal
Der Red Max 2 Piece NC Blow Molded 1 Pc. NC
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