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Originally Posted by gpoehlein
A comment in an earlier thread about balsa vs plastic nose cones elicited a response from Mike, and got me thinking about this subject: With the large number of WM Sustainables and the Classic Series coming out with balsa nose cones and fins, is Estes phasing out the plastic nose cone and fin can? I, for one, would be sorry to see certain nose cones go away if that were the case. I really like the Alpha III nose cone and fin can, although I do wish the latter was not almost always warped in the package. And I have way too much fun with the PNC-5 nose cones from the Mosquito, Quark and 220 Swift in BT-5 downscale rockets.


Greg - Estes will make nose cones from the proper materials for each of the different model series we make or will make in the future. There has been a great deal of discussion at Estes of late reagrding whether we really should have gone with balsa nose cones for the new Wal_Mart series, or the Classics. The balsa nose cones cost roughly 3 times that of their plastic counterparts, and they can get dinged or dented in shipping. And that means additional QA to make sure those don't get through. They also require sanding sealer and sanding by you the rocketeers. But this is what you, the forum members said you wanted, so that's what we did.
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