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Originally Posted by dtomko
I'm sort of speechless about the winning bid. That's more than I've seen 1/100 Saturn 1bs go for.

Back in the late 90's 1b's were getting in the lower to mid $200 range. The price on them dropped the same time the price dropped on the #2001's and K-36's, when Estes released the #2157 Saturn V. This was also around the same time that Sierra Fox Hobbies in Italy came across a load of #2001 Saturn V's and #2048 Saturn 1b's and was blowing them out dirt cheap, even with the shipping cost.

I had stocked up on Saturn's (V's amd 1b's) here hoping to wait awhile and make a killing. Oh well, I won't lose money when I go to sell them but it sure won't be like back then.
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