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Originally Posted by BEC
In my continuing gathering of Alpha minutiae I was looking at several Estes catalogs online last night. What I was looking for was when the nose cone changed from the balsa BNC-50K to the first blow-molded nose cone (which is pretty similar in shape).

I got a surprise when I read in the Alpha descriptions in the 1989-1992 catalogs mentions of a "red, white or blue plastic nose cone."

I have never seen an Alpha kit with a plastic nose cone that wasn't white. Has anyone seen a blue or red one? Or for that matter any other Estes kit that used a BT-50 ogive-shaped blow-molded cone that was red or blue?

The funny thing about the instructions for the kits from that period is they have the nosecone part listed as either the PNC50ka blow molded or the pnc50k injection molded alpha 3 version with the screw eye. The instructions list both types.
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