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Originally Posted by A Fish Named Wallyum
I wouldn't get a kick out of that. If those fields are used for ballgames, a kid could wind up with an igniter wire in a leg. A little investigation by those in charge of the field could very easily lead to a sign listing rocketry as one of the things forbidden on the field. I make **** sure everything I bring to the field leaves with me, and I always have a bag that I put my spent igniters and motors in, just in case anyone gets curious.

Yeah I had to "gently remind" the club guys flying on the farm that they need a to make sure the spent ignitors get picked up, because me picking up a handful of sharp spent wire after a launch in a pasture being grazed by cattle is unacceptable... Spent wadding I don't mind; I can reuse most of it myself ( though I prefer dog barf because it simply rots down and scatters itself as it falls) but wire, that's around a long time... Don't need cows w with wires in their tongues or mouth or hardware disease...

They bring a five gallon bucket and put it by the pad now, handy for taking wire out of the clips when hooking up...

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