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Originally Posted by Feyd
Here's an unusual question for you...

Can a person who doesn't live in Wisconsin, and won't be able to make the WOOSH launch still participate? Like design and build a rocket, ship it to someone who will be there, and have them prep and launch it?

I really like the inventiveness of your contests and this one sounds very intriguing. It's something I'd like to try out, but since I'm in south Texas, it would be pretty difficult for me to come to your launch. Besides which my wife shows in the Appaloosa National Championship show in July and I think she would be very... testy... if I skipped that show to go fly rockets

Absolutely. Kelly says she would love that. We'll poll the membership and find you a suitable surrogate to handle your launch. PM me with details when you know them, so we can get the correct certification level, etc. Welcome aboard.

Note to all that the dates in Post #2 were intentionally omitted, as we generally don't know which weekends are available for launches for the following year, until a meeting mid-January. ECOF has traditionally been in August, but has been in July the last two years due to other state park commitments and priorities. The dates in the "Rules Section" of this thread will be updated as they are made available. Flexibility is sometimes a requirement.
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