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Originally Posted by James Pierson
Although a new thread about Rocksim is great however I personally would like to see a new Forum Title under the Workbench section. Something like "Rocksim Asylum" or something of that nature. Besides we could have many threads under such an area. We definely need to get all the DATA files in a neat thread along with the component parts, tips and tricks, etc... Just my two cents worth, JP.

We would be the first Forum to have an exclusive "Rocksim" thread to my knowledge.

James Pierson
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Some have also mentioned "SpaceCad", so maybe a "Software" section with "RockSim" and "SpaceCad" as primary sub-threads. I know Scott could add them, but the question is do we need a "top-level domain" type of category (like Workbench, or Swap Shop) for this? I'm 50-50 with the idea. Most of us use RockSim, but I've never seen anything drawn up with SpaceCad. Does anyone here actually have it installed, and use it?

Might be something to have some discussions about, before setting it up.
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