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Originally Posted by stefanj

FSI is sold to Reese Industries of Raytown Miss. The first catalog of this era is here:

The "classic" kit design and selection changed little for over a decade. The packaging has Louisville era instructions with the address crossed off.
"Aeon?" Are we creating a graphic novel here?

The Black Brant II, Echo-1, Eos, Dart and Maverick, all introduced in the 1974-75 time frame, do not bear the Colorado address and they all have typical 1970s-80s style instructions. These five represent about a third of their catalog at the time, so a significant portion of FSI's kits in the 1970s and 1980s never had a Louisville Colorado address or contained the funky calligraphic instructions.

The Orbit was lengthened by a good 4 inches. Since it was designed, according to FSI, to be launched on the big F7 motor, one can infer that it was lengthened in order to improve the stability margin.
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