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Originally Posted by Bill
If you are unable to find some, here is a technique which may give you the result you want, with some practice:


Thanks for the tip, Bill! Got any pics to go with it?? (pic's worth a thousand words... LOL)

I found some ribbed paper, but it was an interesting story how it came about...

Interesting how things work sometimes. I emailed Wes at Dr. Zooch and inquired about the corrugated paper he uses on kits like the SLS I just finished, that has a ribbed "intertank" area. In "the old days" kits like the shuttle and Atlas had ribbed mylar "party streamer" material for the intertanks and thrust structures. It worked pretty well actually, despite being a bit difficult to cut unless you had a VERY sharp hobby knife blade! He replied that he gets it at the chain store "Michaels". Ok... I've gotten some there before (see pics below) but they never had a whole lot-- maybe their Michaels stores in Maryland are far better supplied than ours are. Or, maybe I haven't actually been in Michaels in awhile and what was rare as hen's teeth last time I was in there is now commonplace. Since we don't have a Michael's very close by, that's certainly possible...

As it turns out, yesterday while I was doing laundry and enjoying our first inch of rain in about the last 90 days, the wife calls and announces she's broken down between her school she teaches at and our six year old daughter's school 10 miles away-- so she needs a rescue. The nephew and I jumped in the truck, grabbed a gas can (was pretty sure from her description that she'd run the car out of gas-- AGAIN... she does this almost yearly-- what do women have against keeping a FULL TANK OF GAS!?? ) So, we drive the 30 miles to Keira's school, pick her up from after-care, and go find mommy and put a five gallon jerry can of gas in her car-- presto it's fixed. After an early supper, we head for Michael's (since I'm in suburban Houston now anyway and it's not far off the beaten path from there) and I start searching high and low for ribbed cardstock. They had a display of textured cardstock just inside the door, but the only thing they have 'ribbed' is some "corrugated" two-ply cardstock that looks basically like fine cardboard without the top outer flat layer-- it's a corrugated sheet glued to a flat backer sheet. Everything else is foo-foo girly stuff of no use to anybody... So I make my way over to the cardstock aisle. In pidgeonholes (pidgeontrays is probably more accurate) from floor to ceiling practically, the whole length of the aisle, is the cardstocks, in every imaginable color and various textures-- EXCEPT RIBBED! They have "woodgrain" pattern, which is similar to ribbed except the "grain" is neither evenly spaced or parallel to each other-- useless. They have "crosshatched" similar to "hand-made" or 'linen' paper... and they have them in 395 different colors... but NO RIBBED. After 20 minutes of searching every tray, no joy. Finally in desperation I start searching the "paper collections" across the aisle.

SUCCESS! I FINALLY find a pack of "foil covered" cardstock that is ribbed. It comes in a 30 sheet pack with "cross-hatched" and in various gaudy metallic colors (actually kinda cool in a way, but hardly necessary for my use) and the cross-hatched is worthless to me, but hey, Keira can use it for crafts... but the pack is $20. As I'm looking through every other pack on the aisle hoping to stumble across something cheaper that's ALL ribbed cardstock and not foil covered, an Asian lady comes down the aisle and thrusts a 40% off coupon in my hand-- "Here-- I have an extra!" she says as she briskly keeps moving... "THANKS!" I call after her... now the $20 pack of paper doesn't seem SO much like highway robbery... After finishing my search of the packs, no such luck-- it's the $20 foil covered ribbed paper or NOTHING. So I get it. Wandered back over to the front display and check again, in case I missed something... Pulled out a sheet of the "corrugated" stuff and looked at it, flipped it over, and noticed "The Paper Company" sticker on the back, which I've seen on the back of some of the paper wraps in Dr. Zooch kits. So I figured "what the heck" and bought the sheet, though it's probably too coarse a corrugation for anything I'm likely to build in the next year or two, but I'd rather have it in storage than not have it and need it!

SO, here's the foil-coated ribbed cardstock-- by AC Specialty Paper, (30) 12x12 inch sheets, half are ribbed, the other half cross-hatched. On the back it says

Here's the "corrugated" sheet I bought, and a pic of the label on back that matches the partial labels I've seen on the back of Dr. Zooch ribbed paper wraps...

Here's what I got at some craft store or other along the line (maybe Michaels, maybe somewhere else in Indiana)... had it in storage and used some of it. I also had some black ribbed cardstock I picked up at Michaels I think, but I can't seem to find it now... it's probably in storage around here somewhere...

Anyway, that's the cardstock oddyssey... LOL Might have better luck finding this stuff from some scrapbooking supply house online...

Later! OL JR
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