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Lightbulb WANTED: Estes Polaris (1324)/Cold-Power Marauder (KL-3) Fin Scans & Infot

Ok, working on a sim of the Estes Polaris (1324). I received a scan of the instructions from Doug Bertelesen of it, and I've seen the JimZ's page for it (plans.rocketshoppe doesn't have the Polaris). Problem is, Doug didn't have the fins to scan, and JimZ's image of the fins looks like a scan of a bad photocopy of the fin. It gives the length, but is very grainy, and in my opinion not very trustworthy for an accurate sim.

Found that the Polaris used the same fin pattern as the Estes Cold-Powered Convertible kit the Marauder (KL-3). JimZ's doesn't have that, and the info that plans.rocketshoppe has leaves much to be desired.

So, I'm looking for a scan of the fins (BF-L3 (PN 32254) from either the Estes Polaris (1324) or their Marauder (KL-3), along with a ruler for scale. In matrix or out of it is OK. If it's out of the matrix, the ruler is best along the root edge of the fin. Thanks to the Estes Custom Parts Catalog, I know that the fins are 3/32" thick.

I could also use the width/height of the widest blue band of decal for the Polaris (I can scale what JimZ has from that), and while I'm at it, the width/height of the black bars for the Marauder.

Online resources cited:

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