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I know Bernard has a lot of answers Ive been cruising these forums for a while now. The photographs helped a ton and showed me pretty much exactly the setup I want to go with using a 3S 1200mah lipo of which I have about 6 of them and the proper chargers etc.

Thanks for the heads up on the sale but I have one on order already. Ran out and ordered it almost as soon as I saw the info. Only paid about 5 bucks more so....

Has anyone been inside of one of these controllers? Wonder how the continuity check is done. If there is transistors or relays for low current checks or if its basically a big "Electron Beam" type circuit with maybe a resistor and LED?

Oh by the way I notied on Bernard's lipo a date stamp of 06/06? If so you sure got your moneys worth out of that one!!
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