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Originally Posted by Randy
Not bad but...

The following rockets have been recalled by Estes Industries:

1. X-15 RTF Flying Model Rocket Model #1890
2. X-15 RTF Flying Model Rocket Starter Set Model #1412
3. Air Powered Rocket GL-X200

Also see:

I don't know how many times Estes has released some version of the X-15 over the years but yours is most likely one of those recalled. If not, you're good to go but no decent RSO will allow a recalled rocket to fly at a NAR launch. And it's not a matter of whether or not it can be made safe, it's been recalled.

If you decide to fly it, be careful packing the chute and wear a hard hat.


The X-15 which was recalled is/was the relabeled Cox model.

The X-15 Sigs30 bought is the early 1970's Estes version powered by 'T' motors. I used to fly mine all the time on A3-4T & A10-3T motors.

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