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Default Bumper V-2/Wac Corporal B-8 Stomp Rocket

The Bumper WAC B-8 was the first rocket to be launched from Cape Canaveral.
It was not planned to be the first.

On July 19, 1950 the Cape was ready to launch its first rocket. The Bumper WAC B-7. However problem after problem with the B-7 finally canceled the flight.

The final issue? At 6:19PM the engine ignited, two seconds later it quit! B-7 went back to the hangar.

Four days later the B-8 was ready for launch. At 9:28 AM on July 23, 1950 the first rocket to lift off from the Cape did so. It's flight was not perfect.

The V-2 arced over and WAC separated, but the upper stage did not fire.

The B-7 was then beefed up in what was the suspected problem area-base of the WAC nosecone.

On July 29, 1950 at 6:44 AM Bumper B-7 finally lifted off setting some records, even though it wasn't a perfect launch. When it arced over, it failed to reach the proper angle. At 10 degrees to the horizon, half the intended angle, the WAC fired at an altitude of 48,000 ft [14,600m]. It reached a speed of 3270 mph [5230km/h] slower than intended but still a speed record.

The Bumper that set the altitude record was B-5, launched on Feb. 24, 1949. It reached an altitude of 244 miles [393km]. This was beyond any previous man made object.

Anyway attached is a PDF file of the Bumper B-8. Very close to scale, graphics have been modified and the WAC has been modified with a slide on upper half to create a shock adsorber for the hard landings, it helps protect the rocket from damage, needing replaced after flights.

Peter Always book Rockets of the World has more on the history of the Bumper WAC series. Great book with plenty of reference drawings with dimension/stationing.

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