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Default Semroc V-2/A4


While poking around late-night, I discovered these little nuggets on the eRockets/Semroc website: parts for an ST-18 size V-2. I found the fins first and thought it highly unlikely that Carl didn't have all the other major parts ready to go, it was only a question of did Randy have them listed and in stock. After a litlle searching and some measurements from my V-2 file I found these four. At one point, Carl announced a Semroc V-2; I have no idea if these were the parts for that kit.

The parts are:

SEM-FS-4 fin set
SEM-BTC-18VY tail cone
SEM-BNC-1859D nose cone
SEM-BT-1849 body tube

To this you must add a 24mm motor mount, a launch lug and recovery items. It works out to be 1/35 scale. The nose and tail are pre-drilled. The laser-cut fins have a very cool pass-through actuator fairing. Should fly fine on a C11, scoot on a D12 and be out-of-sight on an E12. Big enough to add paper details, too.

I'll post some pictures when I build it. Probably toward the end of the month.
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