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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
Those prices are absolutely A$ININE for rocket 'kits' that in a word fly and look like a POS.
Cox rockets are heavy, clunky, and WAY off scale.
The only good things Cox produced for rocketry were the 18mm D8-3 and D8-0.
The fool that paid these prices was either high smoking really bad crack, is involved in small-time money laundering, has WAY more $$ than cranial capacity, or is certifiably INSANE.

I have seen NIB examples of the Cox Nike Zeus on ebay before. I saw them go for just above and just below $200 and I thought THAT was insane for crappy plastic ARF rockets.

I had seen the Nike Zeus and the Honest John fly with my own eyes as a kid and they flew great. Almost out of site for the two. These things sell at these prices due to their scarcity and collectability. As with anything collectible, the more pristine the condition, the higher the value. I've seen Hot Wheel cars go for over $9000 (that's nine thousand). These were among the very rare and sought after first year of production still in the blister pack. This particular one was a Camaro. It was the color that set the price being extremely rare. I had actually copied the auction just to bring it to work to show some of the guys. They were stunned at the price and then had wished they never threw any of theirs out. Then I showed them a pink AMX in it's blister I had sold for $450 on Ebay. It got thier attention!
It's all about rarity and condition about a particular item.
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