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Since Elmers changed their formula Ive been using Titebond Translucent wood glue, great stuff with fast grab and dries clear. Not that it is important in rocket building but I have discovered out of all the wood glues. Elmers glue all new formula sands the best when dry, go figure. Old Elmers Glue All was rubbery when dried and hard to sand. Just curious, what the product date is.
The packaging date code system is described as follows:
The first letter is the year the product was packaged (e.g., S=2012, T=2013, U=2014, [We skipped V because it looks too much like U] W=2015, etc.).
The next two numbers represent the day of the month the product was packaged.
The next letter represents the month the product was packaged (e.g., A=January, B=February, C=March, etc.).
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