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Old 04-06-2016, 12:43 AM
ghrocketman's Avatar
ghrocketman ghrocketman is offline
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Sounds almost like a foolish re-visitation of 1960's "Basement Bomber" match-heads and CO2 cartridge 'rocketry' on a larger scale.
Shame a child died in this manner as there are SO many alternatives to this type of nonsense 'rocketry'.
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Old 04-06-2016, 02:17 AM
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We did enough as kids that any one of those disasters could have been us...
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Old 04-06-2016, 10:09 AM
Jerry Irvine's Avatar
Jerry Irvine Jerry Irvine is offline
Freeform rocketry advocate.
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Originally Posted by bernomatic
Hey Jerry,

Could you visit here and give me a bit more info on those sites?

Starport Sagitta Launch location map

Also, you never stop by anymore, you should see the new digs!
I have set up dozens of launch sites. The ones with the best long term experience are ones approved through the city or county authority it resides in. It could be a Parks and Rec Department for a grass field. It could be County fire for an unincorporated area. We have deserts in the west where BLM is involved, but the Lucerne launches I hosted from 1978-1992 were on private land just off BLM land thus avoiding a major layer of hassle for users and vendors. ROC didn't catch that magic. The Cantil, CA site is the same way now.

FAA waivers are incredibly easy to get and are free. Even annually issued waivers are now common. I would say the main consideration is finding a field long in the windward direction.

The advent of dual deploy has effectively changed the field size rule from 1/4 the expected altitude on the shortest side, to 1/8. Steered parachutes on proven rockets would reduce it further to 1/16.

As for the particular sites you listed, I have not flown at most of them. I have flown at Medina, OH, Danville, IL, Zelienople, PA, Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Truth or Consequences, NM, Gerlach, NV (Smoke Creek and Black Rock), Jean, NV, El Mirage, CA, Mojave, CA, Cantil, CA, Claremont, CA (many sites), W Covina, CA, Duarte, CA, Van Nuys, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Pomona, CA, Upland, CA, Chino, CA, Covina, CA, Riverside, CA, Anaheim, CA and at a bunch of hobby store selected sites for Estes, some with Fred Shecter in tow.

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Model rocketry is as safe as safe can be defined in human existence. Bow and pray: GH Stine, Orville, Vern, Lee, Lonnie, Carl, etc. No, really.

Last edited by Jerry Irvine : 04-06-2016 at 12:23 PM.
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Old 04-06-2016, 11:13 PM
luke strawwalker's Avatar
luke strawwalker luke strawwalker is offline
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Originally Posted by bernomatic
"Already posted comment on the CBS2 and NBC4 websites. Most of the discussion is over on The Rocketry Forum."

And because as everyone here in the TRF banned area known as YORF know, as long as it has been said on TRF, there's no need to say it elsewhere.

Oh, yes... doncha know Bernie, the REAL discussions happen on the Terribly Run Forum?? LOL

Some people's children...

LOL Later! OL J R
The X-87B Cruise Basselope-- THE Ultimate Weapon in the arsenal of Homeland Security and only $52 million per round!
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Old 04-07-2016, 09:40 AM
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Perhaps these two bright but unsupervised teenagers got their information here?
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Old 04-07-2016, 09:44 AM
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tmacklin tmacklin is offline
Almost shovel ready
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Location: Texas
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Or from these rocket scientists?
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