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Old 01-10-2018, 10:54 AM
JohnNGA's Avatar
JohnNGA JohnNGA is offline
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Jefferson, Georgia
Posts: 325

We moved back in June and are still trying to get settled in the new place. I picked up a Centuri designer special (circa 69) a while back and decided to build a Payloader 2 using the vintage parts. I have also completed a scratch Estes Aerobee 300 and ARCAS, all waiting for paint. Now only if winter will move on.
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Old 01-11-2018, 11:41 AM
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foamy foamy is offline
Master Modeler
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: The Land of Pleasant Living
Posts: 1,109

Originally Posted by JohnNGA
Welcome back, We have missed you.

Hey, thanks John! Glad to see your handle again.
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Old 01-12-2018, 09:40 AM
Blastfromthepast Blastfromthepast is offline
'nother Old Fart BAR....
Join Date: Dec 2011
Location: Castle Rock, Colorado
Posts: 168

Geez ! 60 rockets? In a year?
I've been BAR-ing for a year and a half now and only have a dozen flyable rockets to show for it!
I do have a somewhat more aggressive build schedule on the docket for this year that will more than double my fleet, if it all gets done

Currently on the bench right now are:

Lunar Patrol (only lacks painting)
Satellite Interceptor (Ready for primer)
Star Seeker (Just needs decals)
Repair of the Star Trooper and its accompanying booster stage. (Both are done except for decals / markings)

New projects for 2018:

Mercury Redstone
Apollo Little Joe II
FlatCat Boost/Glider
FlatCat modified as R/G
Alpha (In my entire rocketry career, I never got around to building one of those!)
Canopus II (A self-designed old-fleet cluster rocket that I had published in a long ago issue of Model Rocketeer.)
WAC-Corporal / Tiny Tim boilerplate test model - to work out staging.
WAC-Corporal / Tiny Tim - the real-deal scale build.
Rascal R/G
Big Bertha
Nike Smoke
Starblazer (the old K kit version)
Orbital Transport

I seriously doubt that I will accomplish ALL of this, but I'm definitely going to take a run at it!
Just remember...G. Harry Stine's first ever model rocket was an RTF !

Check out my wonderful model rocketry blog here:
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Old 01-14-2018, 12:03 AM
A Fish Named Wallyum's Avatar
A Fish Named Wallyum A Fish Named Wallyum is offline
BP Mafia
Join Date: Mar 2005
Location: Ft. Thomas, KY
Posts: 6,910

Near as I can tell, this is what I built in 2017.
Canaroc - Eager Beaver
Canaroc - Orion
Canaroc - Tornado Two
Centuri Engineering Co. - Vector V
Coaster - Saturn
Coaster - Space Probe I
Custom Rockets - Ion Pulsar
Estes - Astron Apogee II
Estes - BLU 97B Cluster Bomb
Estes - Big Dawg
Estes - Goblin
Estes - Guardian
Estes - Hi-Flier XL
Estes - Mosquito
Estes - Neptune
Estes - Prowler
Estes - Quinstar
Estes - Ranger
Estes - Rat Bite
Estes - Rogue Voyager
Estes - Screamin' Mimi
Estes - Sequoia
Estes - Super Alpha (Silver & Black)
Estes - Super Flea
Estes D.O.M. - Loadlifter 1-A
Estes D.O.M. - Top Secret
FSI - Hornet
Fishhead Rocketry - Golden Knight
Fishhead Rocketry - Mega Mighty Moe
Fishhead Rocketry - Mini Jet Freak
Fishhead Rocketry - Mohawk
Fishhead Rocketry - Rumble Bee
Fishhead Rocketry - Runt
Fishhead Rocketry - Scrapper
Fishhead Rocketry - Scythe
Fishhead Rocketry - The Rook
Kopter Rotor Recovery Rockets - Eagle
Kopter Rotor Recovery Rockets - Hawk
Kopter Rotor Recovery Rockets - XK-1
LOC/Precision - Aura
MPC - Aquarius
MPC - Microsonde 3 Payloader
MPC - Taurus-1
NAR - Jet Freak 2
NAR - Jet Freak 3
National Association of Rocketry - Jet-Freak
Quest - Intruder
Quest - Super Cruiser
Rocket Development Corporation - Starflite
Semroc - Baby Orion
Semroc - Red Eye
Semroc - Satellite Killer
Semroc - Scrambler
Semroc - Sky Hook
Semroc - Starfire
Semroc - Taurus
Starlight Rocketry - Super Tiger
Starlight Rockets - F-32 Avenger
U.S. Rockets - Hammerhead
U.S. Rockets - STUB 2.2
U.S. Rockets - Scout
U.S. Rockets - Stripper
U.S. Rockets - Supersonic
Bill Eichelberger
NAR 79563

I was SAM 0058

On the build floor: Centuri Stellar Hercules, Semroc SLS Scorpion, Semroc Squire, RDC V-Max

Ready to fly: Canaroc Green Hornet, Estes Astron Farside X, FSI Eos, FRW Magnum Spartan, Centuri Stellar StarLifter, Estes World Federation Star Probe, Estes Astron Apogee
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