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Old 02-17-2018, 01:38 PM
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Default The Black Lynx

First, some backstory. A company, Surrey NanoSystems Limited, invented an extremely black color, trademarked Vantablack. It's mostly used for industrial applications, but they also licensed it for artistic use.

To one guy. Anish Kapoor.

No other artist has the right to use Vantablack, for anything, only Anish Kapoor. Other artists, notably Stuart Semple, decided that was The Suck because they wanted to use Vantablack for their art, too. Anish wouldn't budge, only he could use Vantablack artistically.

So Stuart Semple made his own ultra-black black paint, calling it Black 2.0, and made it available to anyone in the world EXCEPT Anish Kapoor. Stuart encourages artists to use Black 2.0 and share their creations with the #ShareTheBlack hashtag.

Here's where we come in. I heard about the whole kerfluffle and thought it was hilarious. Artist wars! Love it! So why not make a rocket and paint it with Black 2.0?

The next step was finding a good rocket for it. Normally I don't bother with rockets with less than a 4 difficulty, but the Estes Lynx (skill 3) was small and nice looking, so I grabbed it.

Construction was routine, what about the paint? WHAT ABOUT THE PAINT! Here we go....

First, gloss black primer.

Then, several coats of Black 2.0.

Normally I add a lot of flair, painting edges, highlights, etc. Here I decided to forego all that except the canopy area and keep it black. The final product, with decals on:

The bottom.

I won't put a final clearcoat on, as that would remove the black effect. So, kit complete.

Final review: Black 2.0 is a very flat black, darker than I've seen before. It's not quite dark enough to "remove all sense of depth", as Vantablack is supposed to do. Still, get some for your own kits, it does look very good.

Grab Black 2.0 at Unless you're Anish Kapoor!
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