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Old 03-19-2006, 06:27 PM
gonzoexe gonzoexe is offline
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Default Organizing collection

Need tips on how to store and organize collection. Currently have about 300 kts...
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Old 03-19-2006, 08:31 PM
James Pierson James Pierson is offline
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Default Rocketry Starage and Protection

Need tips on how to store and organize collection. Currently have about 300 kts...

First of all welcome to the Forum and I wish I had 300 rockets to worry about.

Here is an article I wrote a few years ago that might help you out. Its a little lengthy and dated but it should help. With 300 rockets I would be contacting my insurance agent as well.

Rocketry Storage and Protection

This problem has puzzled me for years. My two main storage methods were, on display stands or on pegs on the garage wall. My rockets, built and unbuilt, were suffering from dirt, dust, accidental damage, and general disorganization. I realized I had to find a better storage method and fast. I decided to look into ordering my own custom made cardboard boxes, but this proved to be only affordable in large quantities. I then decided to make my own custom made boxes, with attached lids to store, protect, and organize my rockets in. Below is a step-by step guide on how to make your own rocket storage boxes.

**Step 1: The best place to find large pieces of cardboard is your local recycle bin. Also stop and talk to construction superintendants on large construction sites. They usually will be glad to help you. I have also found many 3 inch to 6 inch lightwieght paper tubes this way for free!!

**Step 2: Draw out the pattern furnished below and cut it out, or customize your own.

** Note: It is best to make all of your boxes a simular size for stacking purposes, or reinforce your boxes with dividers. This will prevent crushing.

**Step 3: Use wood glue to glue your boxes together. You can also use cloths pins as clamps until the glue dries.

**Step 4: Center dividers can be added to sererate your rockets from one another. This will minimize damage during transport and will aslo add strength to your box for stacking.

**Step 5: You can also add 1-2 inches of foam packing peanuts to your box to help cushion your rockets.

Rocketry Protection

Vintage rockets can be quite valueable and keeping them in mint condition is a must. I personally would rather see a vintage rocket damaged or distroyed in a horrible crash, than to see it turned into a shredded nest for mice to sleep in. How many of our vintage rockets our lost forever to real life happenings such as house fires, theft, floods, tornados, hurricanes, and vermin.

For Your Information:

Of every 1000 households in the U.S. 178 of those were robbed in the year 2000.

Residental fires in the years 2000 was 383,000, with 2920 deaths, 16,425 injuries, and $5,092,000 dollars in property damage.

FEMA flood reports in 1999 was $900,000,000 dollars and in the year 2000 in was $700,000,000 dollars in damage in the U.S. alone.

Please use common sence when storing your most valuable model rockets. You might concider a safe deposit box at your local bank. Also a fireproof file cabinet can be purchased at a local used office supply store as well.

James Pierson
NAR #77907
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Old 03-25-2006, 07:27 PM
ScaleNut's Avatar
ScaleNut ScaleNut is offline
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In reference to storing " kits", the large plastic tubs work well and are stackable.I have about 8 of them filled.

As for storing rockets mr Pierson has some good ideas there
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Old 03-27-2006, 03:36 PM
Arley Davis Arley Davis is offline
Arley's Spaced Out Rocketry
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I Personally have over 500 hundred kits some built and many unbuilt, in all sizes from the Quest Micro-Maxx to the PML Pterodactyl at over 6 feet tall and I found fore storage of rockets the best method is Trunks. Trunks are tunable, clean, bug and rodent proof, and are excellent for stacking and very protective of the rockets. I have 11 trunks and have never had any rocket get damaged. They may be more expensive than plastic tubes, put you pay for what you get. I have purchased most of the trunks I have at Wal*Mart for around $24.00 and trunks hold more than most Plastic Tubs.

There is many ways to store or display built rockets, and my Lunar Rocket Display Stands from Spaced out Rocketry on Ye Old Rocket Shoppe did not sale, even though I am disappointed at least I can display my rockets with style. If the Display Stands had toke of I planed on other display stands such as multi display stands, Wall Stands, and a Mars display stand for the Mars Lander witch I build an original Estes Mars Lander about a year ago, and someday plan on building the Outlander. I would have made the Mars Stand so you could also display larger Mid Power rockets such as the Interceptor G.

Put anyway a cheap way to display many rockets is to take a 2x12 about 2 or more feet long, then drill a hole for each rocket and by staggering them glue in wooden dowels in different lengths depending on the rockets. Use masking tape or spent rocket motors to place on the rods then simply slide the rockets on the rod. Most important is to keep the rods at a 90% angel to the 2x12. This works will put is not much to look at.
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