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the mole 01-07-2022 02:04 PM

Clustering the Apogee X-15???
To start off I'm wanting to build the X-15 from Apogee. I'm sorry but I would like to build it to use a 24mm motor or motors. I'm thinking a two or three motor cluster would do the job to get this big bird into the sky.

I don't want to send it so high it goes out of sight. Three to four hundred feet for me is fine. I would like to use ESTES Motors if possible and keep it stable.

Can anyone chime in here and give me some constructive advice on the size of motors and the number of motors to use in the cluster.

Thanks in advance.

ghrocketman 01-07-2022 03:21 PM

WHY would you want to do that instead of a nice single 29mm ???
If it WAS a cluster of 24mm motors I'd change it to a 29mm single.

the mole 01-07-2022 03:51 PM

After talking with Apogee this thread is dead. They have solved my dilemma.

barone 01-07-2022 06:23 PM

Originally Posted by the mole
After talking with Apogee this thread is dead. They have solved my dilemma.

And the solution was…….?

georgegassaway 01-07-2022 06:55 PM

Well, if a person WERE to do a cluster with an X-15, the logical cluster would be two engines.

Because the early X-15 flights were with two XLR-11 engines (like the X-1 used), because the big and much more powerful XLR-99 engine was not ready yet.

And, yeah, technically each engine had 4 nozzles, and could actually be fired individually. But I would not hold out much hope for success of an 8-engine clustered X-15 using A10-3T's (even if they could fit in the Apogee kit, which I doubt)

the mole 01-07-2022 07:24 PM

Originally Posted by barone
And the solution was…….?

The solution was to fly on a 24mm E20W-4 that would put it in the 5 to 600 ft altitude.
This is one of those models that Have a lot of wing area and there isn't much room for CP
and CG to play with. Then there was this flash of light and I don't remember anything after that.

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