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gdjsky01 04-21-2013 02:32 PM

CTI F79SS-6 with a Missleworks RRC2-Mini for apogee deployment. Altitude 742'

Under chute

Later on a CTI F30-6 Long Burn

Thanks for the inspiration Craig.

CPMcGraw 04-21-2013 08:01 PM

Originally Posted by gdjsky01
Thanks for the inspiration Craig.

Thanks for making it work!

gdjsky01 09-04-2015 05:46 PM

This model lives on. It' a little worse for wear. The longest time I have ever taken to build a rocket. Fun tho.

gdjsky01 02-08-2017 09:42 PM

Still going... worse for wear... this mission on a F35-5

2017-01-29-MDARS-0085-2.jpg by Jeffrey Gortatowsky, on Flickr

gdjsky01 02-08-2017 09:43 PM

And I still have an entire directory of BARCLONE designs to try. As is, or upscaled.

Eagle3 02-09-2017 06:30 AM

Awesome launch photo Jeff! Thanks for sharing

A Fish Named Wallyum 02-09-2017 05:31 PM

Awesome! :cool:

Gus 02-09-2017 06:17 PM

Very nice build!

neil_w 02-09-2017 06:28 PM

That last photo is really off the charts. A beautiful rocket captured perfectly.

gdjsky01 02-10-2017 09:19 PM

You are all too kind. As I said it's getting bumped and bruised. A bit worse for wear.
It was a labor of love, and hate, and took a year as I would put it aside in favor of something else.

But it does still turn a head or two at the field.

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