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Originally Posted by gdjsky01
The BARCLONE inspired Starchaser 2.6 is ready for flight after a year of on and off work.

I suspect it won't fly as well as it looks. And I really suspect the those pods are chute catchers! So I am not expecting a lot. It's loaded with a F79 Smoky Sam... if it survives... it deserves a G106 Skidmark.

BTW: It's using a RRC2 Mini for apogee deployment with motor backup. There's no way of knowing the real Cd for now. So I figured go with electronics. It's built using model rocket techniques to keep it light. Light being relative at 22oz before motor. Stock BT-80 tubing. Stock 24mm MMT. Light blow molded PNC, black fiber centering rings. The solar panel rings are thin BT-101 just like the Saturn V. The fins are basswood. The pods are BT-20 and PNCs

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