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Talking Estes as channeled through Semroc via Jay

Okay, here's something a little different. I took the most recent recurring "look how our parts fit together" illustration from an Estes catalog, and tried to make it work "in the real world."

(Or at least a virtual simulation thereof. )

The paper transition (reducer)/ motor mount element is taken from my "Tryton" design over in the "Scrounged" thread, and I lengthened the main body tube so there'd be enough room for the recovery system. Although you'll probably want a streamer on those B and C flights.

And since it's a payload design, the name "Carrier Wave" (a radio/TV "in joke") seemed rather appropriate.

Comments? Questions? Let me know.

(Yes, Craig, I considered a two-stage version, but thought better of it. )

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