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Red face New Design: 5820 Ugly

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
I am officially crediting you with 5 designs, as there are sufficient differences between each of the [5820] variants to call them individuals, and as I really want to get the 500 mark passed as quickly as possible.

In fact, you have now been given the (dubious) distinction of creating the 501st entry, which means we now have the first design in the second group of 500. We now only need 499 more entries to reach the new goal of 1000 designs!

Okay, I wasn't going to release Version 3, but since you insist, that one we can count as Number 501. (At least 5820 D was #500. *That's* what I was trying to accomplish.)

Originally Posted by CPMcGraw
Don't forget to add the launch lugs!
(cough, cough) That's what I get for getting in a hurry. Here's 5820 Ugly (or "%*@) ugly" if you reverse the caps lock) WITH the 3/4" launch lug tucked neatly under the ST-2010 ring fin.

--I'll need to update 5820 A through D after adding the launch lugs. Just FYI.

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